Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I always knew there was more to see than my neighborhood.

But the one thing that tied me to home was my grandma. She was such a huge, positive influence on all that she met. I was taught from an early age to live life to the fullest. To have fun, enjoy others and celebrate everything. I decided to transfer to a college in Los Angeles, even though I had only been there once. As the day of my departure drew near, I began second guessing and questioning if I was making the right choice. My grandma dropped me off at the airport and could see that I was struggling with my decision. She told me that while it broke her heart to see me so upset, she knew I would regret not going for the rest of my life. It was time to go on a new adventure. 

A few years later, we were back in Chicago

where I had graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and was working hard as a stay-at-home mom. My grandma, whose advice had given me the strength to go after everything I wanted in life and had given me all of the amazing things I now had, passed away suddenly. My biggest supporter and the biggest proponent of living life to the fullest was gone. As heartbreaking as this was, I had a moment of clarity- life was too short to not do what I wanted. I had always dreamed of owning my own business. I had watched my father spend long nights after his 9 to 5 job developing what would later become his business, had seen my mother return to nursing school, poring over her textbooks at the kitchen table until she earned a degree with high honors. I knew it would be difficult, I knew I would have to bust my ass and have those long nights, but I knew it would make my grandma proud. I bought a few supplies, started testing wax, wicks, and fragrances, and started an Etsy store with just a few scents. Now, running Beverly and 3rd is my full time job. 

Reminding You Of Memories

My products are inspired by life. I want each scent to take you back to a time and a place of pure enjoyment. I want to flood your mind with the best memories, and bring that smile back to your face. So heres to you Grandma, for always encouraging me and for always telling me to follow my dreams. And here's to you, for supporting Beverly and 3rd!